Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Xena finds a home (I think)

Well, Xena is no longer listed in the adoption page so I can only assume she has adopted someone! I am still debating whether or not to contact the humane society and ask for an update...they don't really have the time for that kind of thing but I really, really want to know. That being said, I know there is no other real explanation as she was highly adoptable and only up for 5 days.

I bawled my eyes out on Saturday wanting to go get her and yet wanting to give her a chance to find a good home. I have to learn this last part or I will never be a good "rescuer" (I use the term loosely, I intend to help the occasional dog gain skills and socialization to give it a better chance at a forever home, NOT start an actual rescue). Hoarding them would be no good for either dog or human! I wonder how people get over this and step back and hand over control. It's been hard. In the 2 weeks she was with us we all really bonded. Poor Hazel was so confused for a few days, she really was looking for Xena and moping.

I hope I see her in the neighbourhood some day so that I can rub her soft little muzzle again, scratch her shoulders and give her a hug. She was such a cuddle bear. Great, now I'm tearing up.

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