Monday, August 3, 2009

The cat came back...[the day after] the very next day!

Thank you Horse of Course and Adventures for your comments and concern. It truly was a terrible two days and I'm sorry I didn't update you right away, I had a lot of work to catch up on!

In typical feline sensibility, Tonka showed up at the back door at 11:30 pm Saturday night. Recall that he escaped at 11:30pm Thursday. I suspect he thought it was funny.

My mom was staying the night with me and she went into the kitchen to get some water before bed. She looked out the patio door into darkness and thought, wouldn't it be cool if Tonka showed up back there. She looked away, did some stuff, glanced back and saw his face in the window. Thinking maybe she was imagining it, mom opened the door. Tonka sauntered in like everything was normal. Are you surprised?

I stated in the comments that Tonka is not very cuddly. He loves attention and being pet, but with all four paws on the floor. When my mom called me and I saw him, I scooped him right up and cuddled him so much. I think he was glad to be home as he didn't struggle at all. He just let me love on him and purred SO loud.

He was dehydrated and hungry but otherwise looked good. He was also very tired! I later discovered a small cut on his chin which I cleaned up and I'm sure it will heal just fine. Whew!

Little brat probably knows the neighbourhood better than I do now!


HorseOfCourse said...

I am so happy for you RuckusButt!
Phiew. Safe and sound, isn't that wonderful!
If you are allowed to, cuddle him a bit extra from me, please?
I am sure he has had some very exciting hours, silly thing....

HorseOfCourse said...

Oh and replacement cat.
It's a cat that someone did not want/couldn't keep, so it is "replaced".
So it's a second-hand cat, lol!
And some come with issues...
What is the correct term?

Chelsi said...

YAYAYAYAAH!!! Aw! So happy, I was thinking of you last night... I am sure we all love our cats but you really dont realize how much until you they are gone. Did you do what I do? Snuggle her at the same time as you were scolding her with very bad words? lol

RuckusButt said...

Thanks guys! I am happy as, well, a cat in the sun!

HoC - Re. replacement -that makes sense, I was thinking of it from the wrong perspective. I thought maybe the cat was the replacement (for another cat, perhaps) not that he was being replaced, as in placed in a new family. Some people call it re-home or re-homing. Same thing, I think.

As soon as Tonka wakes up I will cuddle him for you. Should be sometime next week :)

Horse crazed - exactly!