Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Some people collect stamps or coins. I have a friend who has collected unique bar coasters from all over the world. Me? I think I should begin a collection of hospital bands!
I had a throat infection that was just getting worse by the hour. When I went back to my doctor first thing yesterday morning, I was sent straight to the hospital emergency dept. My tonsil had abscessed and needed to be drained. I won't go into gory details except to say it was the most painful few days of my life. And the cure was worse.

So in the last 8 months, I've been in the hospital more than the last 20 years or so put together! 
Next time, I might just ask for the 
purple band. Kidding, kidding.
Speaking of abscesses, Brumby is doing well. His owner was out of town for 4 days or so, so I was doing his soakings. On Friday the 20th I went up after work again and I knew as soon as I lead him out of the stall that it must be draining. Sure enough, I easily found the sticky, stinky, gooey ooze at the coronet band. Everything looked good though and he was clearly relieved! So I did three more days of Epsom salt hot soaks and just one night of poultice. He improved as he should - nice and fast. I turned him out for a couple hours on Sunday so he could stretch his legs. After that, he was good as new. We are expecting to return him to light work this week.

I have to say it was very satisfying to care for him. Not only does it feel good to see an animal improve under your care but it was nice just spending time with him like that.  It was also kinda cool that when Brumby's owner left, he was extremely lame and when she returned he was back to about 95%. Yay!

February has been like abscess awareness month around here! Ewww.

This blog has been like a tale of my misfortunes lately and they are not exactly the most interesting posts! Hopefully I will be back to normal soon and can use my brain for something other than coping with pain!


Once Upon an Equine said...

Goodness, gracious, you've a had more than your share of hospital visits! Sorry to hear about your abcessed tonsil.

Glad to hear Brumby is doing better and you were able to care for him. Now, you stay out of the hospital, ok?

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

" My tonsil had abscessed and needed to be drained."

I actually hesitated to swallow just reading that - can't imagine having to actually LIVE it. Glad you and Brumby are feeling better.

RuckusButt said...

Oops, sorry Melissa! And that was without detail ;)

I figure this means the rest of the year will be easy-peasy for me, lol. I gotta hold onto something, right?

We are both at about 95% right now. Hopefully another week and we'll be back to good.