Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Have Tomatoes!

Okay, so they are teeny tiny little things, but I have tomatoes!! On June 17th. Do you know how incredibly early this is to get fruit set in my area?? Awesome!
See them?  This plant has three.

I didn't get good pictures since the light was getting low. I was just a little excited :) We thought they are both cherry varieties in those spaces but one looks suspiciously like a plum-type.
Definitely oblong...maybe it will round out?
Or maybe this was one of those last-
minute decisions I didn't record.

Update on the swallowtail caterpillars. It has been maturing well and has been very interesting to watch. There is some clear damage to the carrots but so far nothing devastating. This is it two days ago.
So cool!
I put a nice stick in the bed near it. It was a good thickness and had a nice crook in it which I figured it might like for "shelter". I also planted some parsley close by, in case they wanted options, lol. Then I got a pleasant surprise. I found another caterpillar that was slightly less mature. And my husband found two more, so we didn't lose as many as I thought! I did start to worry about the carrots again though.

Sadly, I didn't have to worry for long. I checked on them this morning and everyone was happily munching away. This evening I went out and couldn't find a single one. Then I saw a shriveled bit of yellow and black on the side of the bed. I'm guessing a bird got them but I'm really not sure. Why would it peck it and then leave it? I suppose it might have been scared away at that moment or decided it didn't like it. Either way, I am rather sad. It was nice to provide habitat for something wild. Oh well, there are always bunnies back there...and birds, of course.

Here are some other pictures I've taken from around my house.

Siberian Iris

Beet, carrot and cucumber bed as of today. 
Guarded by Hazel Hound.

See that lounge chair? Got it free from a neighbour down the street who was
getting rid of it. All I need to do is buy the cushion. I am happy!

Hazel wishing she could play with the kids next door. That is the kids' ball she has destroyed/made perfect (we have since replaced it).


Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

That made me sad about the caterpillars too. :(

Golden the Pony Girl said...

tomatoes are my favorite food! I just got about 20 cherry tomatoes from a friend's garden. I feel so lucky :)

Your dog is sooo cute. She has those piercingly sad hound eyes. She has me by the heart strings.

RuckusButt said...

Oh, I know. I wish I had thought to put some bird fencing over the top of the bed.

Golden - agreed, nothing beats a homegrown (or friend-grown) tomato. Isn't Hazel the most pathetic thing?? Abused, I tell ya.

Laura said...

Glad your tomatoes are doing well! I hate to admit it, but I don't like tomatoes! (I know - weird, right?)

Great pics - the iris is beautiful and your dog is pretty cute... :-)

RuckusButt said...

I'll forgive you Laura, lol. Though I can't understand not liking good tomatoes, nobody has to like everything, right. I'm still not a huge fan of parsnips and probably never will be. Thank you for the photo compliments, even if you only said Hazel was "pretty cute" :) Do you ride on Sundays? I need an introduction to the trails on your side but my leased horse is not a good one for going new places alone...

Laura said...

I haven't been riding on Sundays much lately due to the rain and family obligations, but this weekend coming up is looking good so far...

I might be bringing a friend and her daughter out to visit Rusty, but they won't be there long. We could maybe meet and ride before or after their visit...

What time do you usually go out to the barn? Might be easier for you to email me instead of leaving comments in each other's blogs... lol