Monday, May 30, 2011

Just Ugh.

I thought I'd just let everyone know I'm alive. I had oral surgery on Friday and am recovering slowly. I thought for sure I would ride on Sunday...yeah, not so much. I really need to get to work tomorrow but I honestly can't imagine being upright for more than an hour or so. I also can't talk very well and although it amuses my husband greatly to hear me lisp, I myself am not amused.

I also ruined my least I think I did. Yep, my NEW laptop. I decided to dump a full glass of wine on the keyboard. I did everything you are supposed to do when you do something stupid like that and I am in the process of seeing if it can be rehabbed successfully. It's not looking good.

Oh, and I haven't complained about the rain yet. Seriously, it's ridiculous and depressing. I've actually been worried that my veggies will be getting too much rain! Good thing it's early in the season, I think they can handle it better now. The only thing it's been really good for is the new trees. We happen to have 3 new trees plus one that we (and by 'we' I mean Alex) dug up and moved a few feet. So yes, I think the rain has been good for those trees especially.

I'd show you pictures but they were all on the laptop that is pretty much dead.

Somehow, I still have my heart set on my first show being June 11. Still no jumping course set up outside so we've been mostly working gymnastics for weeks. Plus I can't ride until Wednesday at the earliest. I still want to go to that one though. It's the only one that my husband will be able to attend until the fall and I'd really like him there. It would also be really nice to have my first show while he's around to help me out with the dog etc. Fingers crossed!


Laura said...

Oral surgery - yikes! Hope you recover quickly... Don't worry about work - it'll still be there when you get back. :-)

I hear ya about the rain. What a bummer. Yesterday was really nice and I couldn't ride - had to babysit my nephews - and now today is all gloomy and cloudy again. WTF???

Too bad about your laptop - maybe it will eventually dry out and start working again? (trying to be optimistic!)

I hope you can make the June 11 show... If you need a show mom after Alex leaves, I'm willing to help out if I can. I always thought I would be a good show mom! lol

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Oral surgery AND a dead laptop - you need to catch a break soon!!

Laura said...

Just wanted tO let you know that they are setting up the grass jumP field as I type this!

RuckusButt said...

Thanks for the kind words guys! Maybe my break will come at the show?? LOL, I should be so lucky.

Laura, I bet you would be an awesome show mom! Your offers of help are so, so, nice and I will let you know when we're showing. No obligation though. I mostly worry about Hazel and I have some contingency plans for her. My mom will take her, though she is in Cornwall so logistics can be tricky. I'm hoping my dog daycare person will do me a weekend favour now and then, since I mow her father's lawn wben I do mine.

My instructor told me they were setting up the jump course tonight - yay! I will be jumping it Friday, I hope. Tomorrow is my first post-op ride... hopefully I have enough energy for it!