Saturday, May 9, 2009

So it ends; so it begins.

I prepared lists and typed out tables. I met with a behaviourist from the humane society. I was ready to post all the details of the decision that lay before me. The thought of that made me really tired! What I really needed was to think and to talk to my husband. And that's what I did. I think I knew the whole time what the right decision was. It just hurt to get there.

Sometimes, you need to do something even if it goes against rational thought. Horse of Course's purchase of her lovely Fame is a perfect example. But it works both ways. I could have justified any reason to keep Mattie! I could rationally refute every con on my list. But I let her go, and it was the right thing to do.

I'm really going to miss those yellow eyelashes.

We did a really good job socializing Mattie and helping her gain confidence. That is the whole point behind being a foster parent, giving them a better chance, NOT adopting all of them! The fact that it breaks my heart sucks though. I've been crying on and off since dropping her off yesterday.

Besides, I'm really not ready for the long-term work a puppy needs to become the kind of dog I want!

Whatdoyamean?? Puppy doesn't need work, just play!
I'm going to go hug my dog now.

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