Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Give me a little time off...

And all systems shut down, apparently. I had a nice, relaxing holiday and just wasn't very motivated to write anything. I DID do a lot of riding...more on that to come!

I took a lot of walks through the woods. It was beautiful and mostly silent with the heavy snowfalls we've been experiencing for over a week.

There is a large farm in the centre of our city, called the Central Experimental Farm. We walk in the arboretum section quite often and it's nice to feel like I am near a barn, even when I'm close to home.

Hazel also loves it here. She sometimes hears mice or other critters under the snow and tries to find them.  The funny thing is that the one time she came face-to-face with a mouse last winter, the mouse clearly was the winner in their "battle"! It was a bold little guy, stood his ground and jumped up at her nose. Boy did that surprise her! But she can't resist trying to find them, even if she's too scared to do anything else.


Kate said...

Snow is beautiful - glad you were able to get out and enjoy it!

Once Upon an Equine said...

Hazel is adorable. Yep, there's something down there under that snow. Gotta get it. Very cute. Glad you got to do a lot of riding and enjoyed yourself.

HorseOfCourse said...

Hazel is so cute!
You know, looking at your pics it could almost be here. And then it's on the other side of the world - isn't it funny!

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Hazel is a cutie! Your snow pictures certainly show some beautiful scenery.