Monday, September 20, 2010


I almost got to ride in a hunter pace this weekend. I opened my mouth on facebook at the 11th hour (Friday night, pace was Sunday) that I was really, REALLY wishing I could go. I wouldn't feel quite comfortable taking Brumby yet and he pulled a shoe off this week anyway (in slow-motion, I watched it happen!).

Of course, I was just pointlessly posting, as people do on facebook. I never thought a horse might materialize. My coach happened to be on, see my status, and comment that she has a client who was looking for a rider for her horse.

Hmm, ride in an event I've never been in, on a horse I've never been on?  I'm in!

I suppose I'm probably fortunate that the woman had already told her mother she could ride the horse. Still, her mother is 50 years young and not nearly as strong a rider (according to my coach), so I'm sure I would have been fine with that guy.

Next year year!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


I love fall. It's always a busy time but I'm busy with things I love: my husband, vegetables, farms, riding. I love the cooler weather and sunny days with practically no humidity. These are the reasons I haven't written lately. I have plenty I could blog about but life is just so rich right now, I just don't feel like telling the stories, I feel like living them. There is plenty of time all winter for sitting in front of the computer reaching out to the far corners of the earth (or so I like to think...).

So, I'm still around and I'll be posting something worthwhile soon. I broke a couple ribs a few weeks ago, Brumby's rather dramatic way of saying he did NOT like the new riser pad we were trying out :-/  (I will elaborate more soon). Aside from that, our progress has been very good.

Talk to you soon!