Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Life is...

...sometimes difficult. It just is. So as not to render this blog completely obsolete (just mostly), I am fighting through the fog to post.

This week, November 17, was my 1 year anniversary of owning Armani. I intended to have a video ready that covered the highlights of the last year but it was harder to find the time to work on it than I thought and so it's not ready yet.

I can't believe how far I've come with him in the last year. I wish I had documented better but such is the way with living life. Although Armani still has issues with leading from time to time, I now know and understand him enough to work through it and be confident that I can work through it, even when he's reverted back for some unknown reason.

Under saddle, things are pretty great. We have typical baby issues but he's generally teachable. Armani isn't very spooky but he does have persistent issues with certain corners of the indoor arena, now that we are stuck back in there. It makes it difficult to have him bending properly, especially to the left, which he is sticky about as it is. Pretty normal stuff, for the most part.

In lieu of a more thorough post, here is a video of a recent lesson, one of our last outside. It's good to be back working gymnastic lines etc. after focusing on showing courses all summer. We both need this kind of work.

Lesson. Late Oct 2013