Monday, August 5, 2013

Erynn Ballard Clinic - What Not to do!

I am riding in a clinic with Erynn Ballard today and tomorrow. Today's ride was this morning. I was a little disorganized in terms of "stuff" but otherwise ready and excited. Things started off really well. After a little flat schooling at the canter where we worked on the horse carrying themselves, we started working some fences.

Armani was great for the first bit. After our first fence, Erynn said if we could do 8 of those we'd be winners. We know this :-)  I didn't post about it but we were champions at our last show in both the hack division and the green hunters.

She had everyone halting after each fence, so we'd do a single, halt. Then single, first vertical of a diagonal line, then halt in the line. Then do the invitational, diagonal line, and halt after. Halting in the line was new and weird for us since he knows his job is to go forward and jump stuff. But we did it ok.

Then, the next time through, we were supposed to ride the whole line and halt after the oxer. Armani started thinking about that halt early and I wasn't really there with enough leg since he never breaks gait and, well, here is the result...

I recommend full screen for full horrific detail.

We are both ok at this point. I am hoping we will both be ok in the morning too.