Thursday, November 18, 2010

Recap & Tree Rehab

As you can probably tell, I haven't been interested in blogging lately. I'm still reading and enjoying other blogs but sort of lost sight of why I was doing it. I'm still not sure but the desire is coming back somewhat.

So, what's been going on?

I went to Vancouver at the begining of October for a conference. We had fantastic weather the whole time we were there. My husband (who I will henceforth refer to as SZ, it's easier) happens to be working a lot with his Vancouver office (since he's studying Northern BC and Yukon), so he came along and worked while I was attending talks. Unfortunately, I was stuck inside at this conference all day. Until the last day, when I played hooky in the afternoon.
It was so warm, my jeans and light hiking shoes were too hot! We went on a 4 hour walk around to and around Stanley Park. I rejuvenated. Too bad Hazel wasn't there, she would have had a blast.  SZ had never been to the park at all, so I had a good time showing him around.

We went to the aquarium.
 Oh-so-pretty sea lions. 

 Harbour seal, taking it easy.

We also saw white-stripped dolphins, belugas, otters, and many other marine mamals and amphibians. All seemed content and happy.

Saw some horses. I like the rubber mats and bridle fuzzies. They had also been hosed off from the shoulder down - it was warm for October!

And hugged a tree. 

We also visited my uncle and his wife, just outside of Vancouver. She is a horticulturalist (and probably other, related specialties) so I we talked a lot about growing things.  I mentioned my crazy apple trees and she gave us hope for their rehabilitation.

She assured us that, although they will look horrid until spring, chances are good they will do just fine. Naturally, SZ was sure he could do this himself. Now, I trust my husband and he is very handy and level-headed. But still, I was less than convinced.

Regardless, we rented the chainsaw and borrowed an extra long ladder. I put the cushion on the outdoor lounge chair, and had a beer, a horse magazine, and
the telephone on hand.

Before. Yep, those beasts are apple trees.

Another one for scale.

Halfway through. 
You know, there is something pretty sexy 
about my man in a tree with a chainsaw :-)

Tonka took over the lounge chair.


We shall see what spring has in store for us. I'm hoping for lots of apples!