Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Look Ma, no reins!

Well, ok, there is nothing to look at for this post. My lesson on Monday was just awesome. After warming up for about half an hour, we did the rest of the class without reins. Now, I have posted before how I wanted to ride bare-back in a lesson but the other ladies in the class (who are quite a bit older than I am) don't like that idea at all. Fair enough. Instead, our instructor had us lose the reins. We did walk-trot-canter and some poles. I was pleasantly surprised that my balance was actually really good. I could post and two-point no problem and we did exercises like arms straight out to the sides, top of head, behind the back etc. Even at the canter! I was so excited after, I felt like I could take on the world, lol. This is the first time since I started riding again that I actually felt what it meant to deepen your seat. I didn't realize before how much this can help your seat, I was just focused on the saddle. I can't wait until next week.


Ms.BarnBrat said...

Yay! nice to see you progressing :) My lesson yesterday was focusing on my not gripping, pinching, with my knees and distributing my weight correctly.....I hurt, a lot, and have to continue this on my own until next week where my trainer is expecting mush improvement.....ugh, but a good ugh :)
My back is well, my brain is not, ha ha!

ps. we have a cottage up near Perth, ON where is yours?!?!

Ms.BarnBrat said...

I meant **much improvement**

RuckusButt said...
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RuckusButt said...

Ha ha, I liked your type-o "mush improvement"...kinda describes my legs after some lessons! They improve, but they're mush!

I'm jealous, I so *wish* I could work on things on my own between lessons, I am sure I would improve faster (duh). No horse to do it on, sadly.

Hey - our cottage (I use the term "our" somewhat loosely, long-ish story) is pretty close to Perth, near Westport. It is such a great area!