Saturday, February 28, 2009

Turkey served with Pesto on a bed of Rapini. Plus bonus mystery meal.

This was pretty simple and delicious. Rapini is very addictive. It took me several tries before I even liked it, and now I can't get enough! I am very thrilled that even at the end of a Canadian February my indoor basil plant provided more than enough foliage for a large batch of pesto. It is so green it looks fake! The turkey was simply baked with some spices, kosher salt and pepper.

Ok, so I have a back-log of food photos. This one I had to post today because I have no idea what the reddish-orange blob is. I am guessing it is some form of protein...and I'm leaning towards fish based on the size, shape and lemon wedge. Not sure what's on it, red pepper sauce?? Something tomatoe-y? Perhaps paprika? I dunno, but it doesn't look all that great in a photo, does it?

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