Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sick, Tired and Internet Wired

I meant to post on the weekend but I got sick and hence felt much more like reading blogs rather than writing my own. I did get out to ride Edgar on Saturday. No pics, sorry. Must drag Sasha out one of these days. The ground was much better (not frozen solid) but it is really uneven earth. I guess it will be good for teaching him to mind his feet, but not great for many things. Oh, to have an arena...

By Saturday night I was sick so I was pretty boring on Sunday. I DID make some hot toddys with the scotch I bought on my way back from Ireland in February. [What? I haven't blogged about my trip to Ireland or posted photos?? It's on the list!]. This was the first time Sasha had one, he really liked it! This photo isn't mine, but looks pretty close. Here's what I do:

1-2oz Scotch or Irish Whiskey (don't argue, just pick one :) )
1-2 Tb Honey (to your taste; when my throat is really sore I go for 2Tb)
1 slice lemon
3 cloves
Boiling water
Extra lemon juice, if desired

I stud the lemon with the cloves and drop in mug. Add scotch and honey and top with enough boiling water to fill mug (if mug is big, leave an inch or so at the top...or use more scotch etc!). I don't use cinnamon, but it would probably be good.

Oh wait! I wasn't completely boring on Sunday (pre-hot toddy)!! I somehow convinced Sasha to drive me to the horsey store so I could spend too much money on new paddock boots and half chaps. They made me feel a little better, hee hee. They are way too pretty right now. They will look much better with some dirt and sweat. Will fix that in my lesson tomorrow, no doubt.

We also popped into the "feed and seed" to purchase some seeds to start. We have: arugula (rocket), rainbow swiss chard, mesclun mix, and kale. Can't wait to bring things to life!


HorseOfCourse said...

Thanks for the recepie Ruckusbutt!
Looks and sounds delicious on a cold day...
You know it seems as if you managed to squeeze in some fun things even if the form wasn't the best.
Hey, even some horsey shopping, lol!
...and I am looking forward to hear some more about your trip to Ireland...

ezra_pandora said...

I always woondered how to make a hot toddy. lol I've heard of them, but never knew. I may have to make use of those during my next cold :))

Hey, I'm making my blog private. Can you email me at kellymclaughlin79@yahoo.com so that I can add your email? I hate to do it, and it may only be for a little while, but seeing as though my now ex-boss' may be spying on me for a little bit, I want to keep things out of their minds as my private life is none of their business :) Thanks!

Once Upon an Equine said...

Hello, I just clicked over from HorseOfCourse's blog and was reading your last post about Edgar. He sounds just like my Fjord, the key words & phrases being:

undone his lead rope...quickly & silently
little bugger
take advantage
very food motivated

All things I keep hearing about these endearing Fjords. Looking forward to hearing more about your progress with him.