Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lost Fork, Lost Rides. A Rather Random Post.

I'm at work, about to have lunch. A few minutes ago I went out to the kitchen to reheat my lovely eggplant lasagna. I washed my fork and spoon (I forgot to wash them yesterday, oops!) and set them on a piece of paper towel on the counter. Then I went to the ladies room while my lunch finished heating. I came back 2 minutes later and my fork was gone. The spoon was put in a drawer. So weird. And I really liked that fork! I imagine some over-worked, absent-minded person grabbed it without thinking and kindly put my spoon "away" for me, lol.

Here's our latest foster dog, 'Browser'. 
The picture isn't very good, I'll try for better ones soon.
His cuteness shines through anyway, I think!
And that's about as interesting as things get around here. Just when Brumby seemed to be recovering from his bruised sole, he was more lame than ever on Sunday. I rode lightly on Friday night and he seemed ok, though not quite normal. It was hard to tell if he was just stiff from all the time off plus the cold or if his foot/feet were still sore but he was sound. I recommended bringing him back to work slowly to avoid aggravating things and setting him back further. His owner rode him in a lesson on Saturday and told me he was fine, a little off to the right, but that I should work him as usual this week.

So I went up for my lesson on Sunday morning.  The ground is icy so you can't judge the walk from the pasture to the barn - it always looks funny as he carefully takes each step (he's barefoot all around). I got him ready and brought him out to the arena to warm up before my coach arrived. Got to the arena and...dead lame. He was an awful, hobbling and tripping, mess. At the walk, with no rider. I felt so bad for the poor guy, if I could have carried him back to the barn I would have!

Needless to say, I left him inside and called his owner. I hope he doesn't have something more serious going on. Here we are, Feb 16th and this month I've been on him once for 20 minutes. I'm already questioning how long it's fair to pay for a horse I can't ride. I'm reasonable (I think) and I believe as a leaser you have to expect that sometimes things like this will happen.  I'm just not sure how long is reasonable.  My coach was kind enough to let me ride her horse last week. Actually she's been wanting me to ride him for awhile, so it was a good opportunity.  Still...

Oh, and my final thought for the day? I hate WordPerfect. I really do. Makes me see red.


HorseOfCourse said...

Aaaww, your new foster dog is too cute! He has a kind of a alert, foxlike look in the picture. In reality as well?

Sorry about your riding. If it is not yourself hurting, it is the horse...
Difficult when such things happen.
Horses can get hurt, and I have it in the contract with those who share my horses that they have to pay even if the horse is injured - but in reality one has to consider the time frame too.
I would have a discussion with the owner about it.

RuckusButt said...

He does look like a little fox! And he's cunning too :)

I completely think it's fair to pay even when the horse is off for a time. It wouldn't be fair to the owner to bail and I just wouldn't do that, even though we don't have a contract. But at some point it would be unfair to me, too. I just don't know where that point is. You're right, I need to talk to the owner. I find it very awkward...I wish she would bring it up first!

Anyway, we are leaning towards thinking he has an abscess. The vet will be out Thursday and we'll go from there!

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

The foster dog is too cute, love those ears!

If Brumby is getting dramatically more lame it sounds like an abcess to me. Whatever it is I hope it resolves quickly.

Golden the Pony Girl said...

That is one cute pup! I second Melisa in her sentiments that it is an abscess. Hope he improves soon.

RuckusButt said...

Certainly seems like an abscess is brewing in there, nice to know you guys agree! Hopefully it will drain soon and the poor guy can get some relief.

Anonymous said...
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Once Upon an Equine said...

Browser is sure cute. The name fits hime.

Hope Brumby is better soone.

Golden the Pony Girl said...

award for you on my blog!