Tuesday, March 9, 2010

BC Snapper Two Ways with Roasted Potatoes, Rutabaga, and Corn

Tonight I stopped at the fish market on the way home. I am lucky that one of the best in the city is pretty much on the way home. Tonight I chose a lovely BC snapper. I had no idea what to do with it, so I just started throwing things together while some potatoes and baby rutabaga roasted with garlic and onions.

Dressed simply with a light sprinkle of chipotle powder, kosher salt and pepper. Put aside for the time being. I don't salt it until right before putting cooking.

The "two ways" really comes in the form of two different sauces I served on the side. Prepare the sauces when you put the potatoes and rutabaga in the oven, this way there is time for the flavors to mingle and marry.

Olive Sauce
Olives - I recommend kalamata but you can vary. I had a mix of varieties (large black, kalamata, green cocktail) in a Mediterranean type brine and used some of each. I used about 1/2 cup.
Garlic - one small clove
Basil - use fresh if you have it, I didn't and used good quality dried
Lemon - zest and juice of 1/2 lemon
Ground pepper
Blurb of olive oil

I have a hand held immersion blender that has a mini food processor/mill attachment so I gave it a whir in that.

Like this

Lemon Mayonnaise
Lemon - zest and juice of half a lemon
1/2 Cup real mayonnaise
pinch of paprika
ground pepper

Start the snapper and corn at the same time when the potatoes are pretty much ready.

Heat a pan to medium high. Add a splash of olive oil, salt fish and add to pan once hot. Keep an eye on your temperature. Once the edges turn opaque flip fillets and cook for another minute or two. Don't overcook!

Chipotle Corn
This works well with defrosted frozen corn. I am fortunate that my frozen corn comes from an extended family farm.

Sliced onion - add to hot pan with splash of olive oil
Corn - about 2 cups - add once onion has softened and just started to get some colour. Keep stirring as the sugars in the corn will start to carmelize. This is good but you don't want it to burn! Sprinkle some chipotle powder, salt and pepper. Once corn is warmed through and has some colour it's ready to serve.

And Voila! I admit the overall dish could have used something green but it's the day before our produce delivery so pickings were slim today.


Anonymous said...

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RuckusButt said...

Wow, one comment and it's spam *sigh*

Do you think it's trying to tell me to kill myself? If care killed the cat, and spammer wants me to take care...hmmm.

HorseOfCourse said...

Spammer: Wonder what the signs stands for? The end is near?

Your recepe sounds delicious (as always). What's rutabaga?

I hope you are better now?
Did not sound like something worth experiencing, and you have had your share of hospital visits for quite a while, I'd say!
Now you just have to stay well for the next 20 years to come!

Glad to hear Brumby is better too.