Monday, December 19, 2011

Carrot-Thyme Flan

This recipe comes from today's post on Allotment 2 Kitchen. I have an overabundance of carrots so it was just the thing to throw together today.

I thought the purple carrots made a striking addition to the top but I didn't grate any as it would have turned the colour of the dish.

Prior to adding the custard.

I follwed the main recipe fairly closely but did make some substitutions based on what I had around. I addded some of our homemade spice blend in addition to thyme and used buttermilk. I also found I need a touch more of the custard, so I used an extra egg and a touch more milk. I don't think these changes affected the flavours too much.

Finished product.

The taste is surprisingly light and fresh. I thought it would be much more carrot-y but it's actually quite subtle. A nice dish.


Laura said...

Looks delish! I am a bit heirloom carrot fan. :-)

Laura said...

oops...I meant "big" heirloom carrot fan. ;-p

Shaheen said...

Looks lovely. I love how you've presented the crrots and I do love the look of those purple carrots.

Yes it is a light flan and your right to point out that its not overly sweet. So glad you liked it and made it your own.

I've linked your variation of the flan from my original blog post x
Wishing you and your readers a very Merry Christmas and a warm NY.

RuckusButt said...

Incidentally, this is quite good for breakfast as well. My husband and I each grabbed a piece for breakfast unbeknownst to the other. That night when I mentioned I had it for breakfast I found out hubby had the same idea and quite enjoyed it. I know it sounds strange, but it works. It is basically a carrot quiche so it shouldn't be a surprise but I agree it seems weird. Hubby isn't overaly fond of quiche and still enjoyed this dih.

RuckusButt said...