Wednesday, April 25, 2012

No News is NOT Good News.

I still have not had any assessment from the specialists at Saint-Hyacinthe.  Dr. B made a couple of follow-up calls at the end of last week and again Monday. We did hear that one of the other vets out there took a look at the radiographs and she didn't see anything. I'll take that as a good sign but won't get my hopes up until I have confirmation from the head-honcho over there.

I'm feeling pretty dismal about things even though I don't have full results yet. Actually, it's more like a yo-yo from optimistic to dismal. I pretty much expect the radiographs to come back clear...which won't help me figure out the main symptom. I don't know what to do and I can't just keep testing and testing, waiting and waiting.

I still can't get my head around how everything has changed. It really is like a nightmare and one day I will wake up and it will all be as it was just a couple short months ago.

Although I know in my heart and mind that there is something real going on, there is still the lingering wonder that maybe he did just develop this annoying behaviour for "no" reason. The awful part about that prospect is that while I could start to treat it like bad behaviour, I will never be able to be fully sure that there isn't an underlying issue. Gah!

Anyway, although I was advised not to ride, it took so long to get the results that I did start riding this week. The epic hand-walks were good for his manners and groundwork but he really needs more exercise. I figured I wasn't going to do him any more damage than he would while in turnout and I feel pretty confident I could get myself clear of him if something happened. We've kept it simple and I've made sure someone is around. The first two rides were pretty bad with his head tossing in that it never went away throughout the ride but he kept doing it periodically. Last night, however, we had a pretty good ride. He head tossed during the first few minutes and then settled down quite nicely.

So that's where things stand today, more or less.

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Laura said...

Ugh. Sorry that you are in this terrible situation. I hope you get some answers soon, one way or the other. :-(