Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The No-Man's Land of Horse Buying.

Honestly, that's what it feels like.  Someone asked me how it's possible that I haven't found a horse yet in this abysmal market. The truth is, I have no idea! On the surface, it seems like they should be easy pickin's but the reality is finding the right one is incredibly hard.

There are plenty of horses within my budget, to be sure. If I was looking for a green (but not necessarily young!) Thoroughbred it would be long as I didn't care about brain, potential, or how it was started or ridden. I quite like TBs but it would have to be the right one. The other group falls into the super-nice-but-broken category. Or at least needing what I consider significant maintainance. There is the stunning mare who injured her superficial digital flexor tendon or the 9yo gelding who needs adequan injections in his hock. While both might be reasonably fine, I am just not in a place for risk-taking. Perfectly healthy horses are a big enough risk.

So those are the horses well under my budget. Then there is the group that starts at about double my budget! The ones in my range tend to be an odd mix. That, and maybe I'm picky. I don't think I'm too picky though.

I did find two potential options a little ways out of town.  First is an 8 year old, Dutch Warmblood/TB by Tricolore. I'm interested in hearing thoughts on him. I will withhold my thoughts on him for now so I don't bias the few comments I might get, lol.

Then there is a 4 year old who appears to be quite green but I think he has better movement than the older horse (who is, incidentally, the sire). Not sure if he was an oops baby or if they thought of keeping the above guy a stallion or what. I guess we'll see. This guy is recovering from an abscess, so he might not be rideable by Friday.

Can't seem to embed it here, so here's the link if you are so inclined.


BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

I like the 4y/o much better than the 9y/o. 'Daddy' appeared to have a very stilted trot and what the heck is he doing with his front feet at the lope? LOL...Some serious winging going on.

Laura said...

Both are bays, so a check there... :-)

I caught the weird movement at the canter in the older guy as well - thought it was just me, but good to see it isn't!

The 4yo might be worth going to see, if the abcess clears up. He definitely needs more schooling, but that is where you are experienced, so that is good!

I saw one that I wanted you to buy - going to go find the link... He is a nice buckskin! You've probably already seen the ad:

RuckusButt said...

Yep, you caught it! I just saw video of him at the trot head-on...looked like he was trying to rake hay with those legs. And I think it's too late to cancel since I'm set to go tomorrow morning. Frig.

*whine* I'm never gonna find a horse *stamps feet*

RuckusButt said...

Ooooh, Laura, no fair! Now I want me to buy him too...

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Liked the 4 year old and would definitely go check him out. On the older horse that big stumble in the canter, it was hard to tell from the angle of the video but it was almost like the horse was thinking lead change and go left and then the rider was like "no go right" and he was off balance for that and stumbled a bit. He's not a great mover but one of the horses I won the most with (at big AA rated shows) in the amateur hunters was not a great mover but had a 10 jump. He doesn't have a 10 jump but it lookslike with a lot of good gridwork his jump could improve a lot.

But I really liked the short video of the 4 year old. He looked like a young horse, unbalanced and kind of clueless about what he was doing but also very willing and with a happy expression. Way better mover than his dad!!

RuckusButt said...

Melissa, I wasn't sure exactly what that stumble was about but didn't let it worry me too much. And I agree his jump could be improved with gymnastic exercises. I was comfortable with that. I wasn't even too worried about the winging of his front leg visible in that video, just figured it was something to note for the viewing. But when I saw the face-on video at the trot I knew the other video hid A LOT of funky movement.

Picture a kid joking around about having no legs or being a rubber person. It was like the horse was joking around. I actually laughed out loud...and then felt bad for the poor guy, he seems like he has a great attitude.

Totally agree the young one is an improvement on his father. He would be a decent prospect but he is a bit more green than I would like.

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

On the older horse I was trying to be polite - I think he's a horrid mover without even seeing the face-on video!!

I did like that greenie though I definitely understand he is greener than you want.

RuckusButt said...

Ha ha, good to know. I find I need to see them in person. With a video you are looking at the horse on an angle most of the time, so I find it hard to judge.
Anyway, there are plenty of gorgeous green horses local to me, so there was no point going and I canceled...only to look at another green horse :-)

Becky said...

Buy this one.

I want to buy her, but she's too far away, and it's not the right time.

I keep sharing this ad with anyone who is remotely in the market. :P