Friday, May 1, 2009

Mattie's Progress

Mattie is doing very well! She has come a long way in the two weeks we've had her. She is much more adventurous, less timid and much more playful. She is still wary of new people and dogs but no longer tries to flee in terror. She really likes to approach people when their back is turned.

Hazel injured her paw so I am doing my best to keep her quiet in between soaking her paw and dishing out antibiotics. It's not working out too well :), she is used to a total of about 2hrs walking/running per day! Sasha was out of town this week too, so I have had my hands full!

We are considering adopting Mattie. Just considering!! I am torn because the whole point is to help increase the adopt-ability of these guys so that more of them will find permanent homes. If we adopt them, we can't help as many. It's just Mattie is such a good fit for us. Her and Hazel are a really good match both energy and temperament wise. As I type this, they are dreaming in unison *sigh*.

Here are some photos of them playing around.

It's amazing they can look like
this and still be incredibly gentle
with each other!
Hazel getting a better grip. Just look
at those beautiful teeth. Not bad
for a dog who is almost 3!

Mattie's turn.
"Wait. I think I found some
cookie in your teeth!"
Settling down.
All tuckered out. Seriously, how
can I send her back


HorseOfCourse said...

Hm. I posted earlier today, but it seems as if it has just disappeared?
I think Mattie is a supercutie, and I understand that you are tempted to keep her.
Why don't you?!

RuckusButt said...

Ah, disappearing posts are so frustrating!

I am going to write a more detailed post about this decision tonight (I'm still at work).