Saturday, June 6, 2009

What goes up....must come down

I was going to post on Wednesday about the simple pleasures of accomplishing something you weren't sure you were capable of. Last week, I completed a training level dressage test during a lesson on a horse I hadn't ridden in months and who I find a challenging ride. It wasn't perfect, but close, and I had no idea that we had been working at a more complex level than that for months! I know, it's "only" training level but I don't show (yet!) so I always thought it was far above me when I read other people discussing levels etc. I was interested in hearing stories from others about experiences with realizing their skills.

This week, my instructor wanted me to work with a new horse. He is not well trained right now and she thought it would be good for him to have me ride. I actually had a good time with him although the ride sure was a workout. Everyone was pleased with how we worked together. At the end of the lesson we (the "students") went for a cool-out hack in the upper fields. As we approached the barn again my horse was relaxed on a loose rein, I was relaxed too. Make that too relaxed.I don't know what happened (fly bite? bee sting?) but the horse suddenly started bucking quick little bucks and hopping sideways. He moved sideways enough that he was behind my car and then kicked my car which spooked him and he shot forward. I didn't really move forward with him and since I was horribly off balance from the bucking I came off the side.

I spent almost 9 hours in emergency! My wrist is broken (distal radius fracture) but I'm told I can probably have the cast off in 3 weeks which is pretty good.

I have a stockpile of blog topics I've been wanting to do but typing is slow with one hand! I guess I will have more time though...


HorseOfCourse said...

Relaxing is dangerous :-)
That's when I fall off too!

You really got unlucky there, RuckusButt!
Breaking the RIGHT arm, and in summertime when plaster gets warm and itchy - and what about your car???
And I assume that you cannot take a bath while you have your arm in plaster either?
Poor you.
I am mentally send you a nice bottle of red wine to cheer you up. And I'll add the starter we had on the Parisian restuarant to go with it. It was something heavenly with morels and fresh aspargus.
Cheers! Hope you get well soon!

RuckusButt said...

horse of course, you know exactly what i've been wanting -good food and wine! i haven't been able to have wine because of the strong painkillers and i've been living off of food I can microwave because my husband has been out of town all week. fortunately, there is a store here that makes excellent take home meals, they are very fresh and it's all real food.'s not the same!

I have taken baths - I put a clean plastic bag around and secure it with extra-wide vet wrap. it is tricky to do by myself, but i was determined!

i should have known better after my fall a couple weeks ago! i tend to put horses like cherokee and edgar in a different mental category since they are not ridden often and only by me. mistake!

my car bumper is scratched a bit but better my car than one of the other women's - they all have nice cars!

the worst part is the boredom because doing anything is difficult, painful and tiring. it's all i can do to keep my ruckusbutt (aka hazel) exercised!

I did have some good company in the emergency room. I spent hours talking to a man who grew up near the Spanish Lipizzaner riding school in Vienna and used to hot-walk the stallions after training sessions. we had hours of horse-talk, he was fascinating!

HorseOfCourse said...

How nice to get such a fascinating company in the emergency room. Twice as nice actually, as time there goes so very slowly, lol!

I broke my wrist just before Xmas two years ago.
I was not sitting on the horse, I was actually leading Fame. It was very icy on the ground, the kind of mirror, polished ice you sometimes can get - and on top of it it was softly powdered with snow.
And suddenly my legs just disappeared under me, and down I went.
But I was more lucky than you.
It was my left arm, and my husband got to do all the Xmas washing of the house, lol!
And in addition, it was an uncomplicated fracture, so I didn't need surgery.
So I know of the plastic bag trick...I was actually thinking of outdoor baths. Might be a bit more tricky?
Luck there wasn't too much damage to your car.
I hope you get better soon, and can stop munching those painkillers and drink some nice wine instead.
Not to speak of getting back on the horseback again!

Once Upon an Equine said...

Oh gosh...that sounds awful. I'm so sorry. Glad the cast is off by this time and you are on the mend and back to riding.