Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Benefits of Video

ETA - I just got an update on Ruby! She was adopted on Saturday, Nov 14th at 11:47am. That is just 2 days after we dropped her off to be spayed. The humane society reported that she was great and they were pleased with the fabulous job we did with her. Yay!! Knowing we helped her get a great start makes it all worth while (even if I was secretly hoping she'd come back to us!)
I finally managed to sort through some video my hubby took last week during a lesson on Brumby. I haven't really looked at it closely yet. Most of it isn't really interesting enough to be blog-worthy but I thought I'd post a short clip anyway.

This is towards the end of warm-up.

Even though they aren't really interesting to put in a blog, I love having my lessons videotaped for my own learning. I have to admit that I usually cringe when I watch myself but I learn so much about how I'm moving and how the horse is moving. Lately, I am finding it very interesting to compare videos from my "old" lesson barn where I've been riding the same horse for over a year, with my lessons on Brumby. The arena may be nicer at Brumby's stable but I definitely have to re-learn some equitation skills on him. It's weird.

For example, my back has been doing very well lately with some new physiotherapy exercises. I am obviously happy about that but it also means a certain amount of re-learning how my body is moving when it feels a certain way and vice versa. I spent one whole ride working on relaxing at the sitting trot so I wasn't bouncing on Brumby so much. Watching the first couple videos, I can see why my instructor told me I needed to make sure I don't relax quite so much from my waist UP, lol. Sitting trot on my Black Beauty at the other barn? I could do it all day, same as always!

Hopefully I can continue to get occasional video support to my lessons throughout the winter.


Anonymous said...

Video can be enormously useful - even if I sometimes find it embarrassing!

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

I hate watching videos of myself riding but I certainly learn a lot from it - mostly everything I am doing wrong!

RuckusButt said...

I totally find it embarassing, even when I'm the only one watching it! I only see the faults too. Why, oh WHY, am I moving my hands and lower leg so much?? Argh!! That kind of thing.

The downside is I sometimes get too self-conscious and that doesn't help the quality of riding at all! I try to tell myself that good riders aren't made in a day. Even those with tons of natural talent have some skills to learn along the way!

HorseOfCourse said...
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HorseOfCourse said...

One should never write comments when tired...

RuckusButt said...

Ahhh!!! Horse of Course, I loved your comment!!! Really, I liked what you wrote so much I was waiting until I had enough time to properly absorb and respond to what you said.

I think you have a very good ability to identify details that I didn't even realize I was putting out there. If I still had your comment I could be more specific ;) Oh - one example, last night instead of thinking about my legs and hands, I thought about my core more than them. Voila! My legs were much more solid. I also realized I needed to lengthen my stirrups on Brumby (again!). So even your sleepy comments are helpful.

I also agree it is equally beneficial to see what is done well or improved - that's where the motivation to keep improving comes from, I think.

HorseOfCourse said...

Thanks RB.
It is just that sometimes when I write down things they come out all wrong.
I cannot phrase it right.
It sounds like I know it all, when I just want to share and discuss.
I don’t know if it is because English is not my first language, or whether it is because I am a technician and used to deal with facts and figures.

I for sure don’t know it all.
I am just your average, not very talented rider with a passion for dressage.
And the combination of analyzing what’s happening, and combine it with feeling and communication with the horse is so fascinating that I am just as hooked when I am 46 as I was when I took my first riding lesson as a 6 yo.
Maybe even more.

So if I take off sometimes, please bear with me.
It’s just the rantings of your nerdy dressage friend on the other side of the world.

RuckusButt said...

I always appreciate the rantings of nerdy dressage friends! HoC, I never thought you sounded like you know it all. I just wanted to really think about things and between riding and work, time has been short. I am a researcher, so perhaps I appreciate the facts & figures approach :)

You DO always give me something to think about, as do most of the comments. That is why we like them, right? And your enthusiasm is contagious! I will disagree with your "not very talented" comment, but that is all.