Friday, July 9, 2010

Photo Update, July 9

I told my husband I would post photo updates of the garden so that he could see what was going on whenever he has access to internet. I haven't done this yet since I've been preoccupied with Hazel and life. He has about half a day in semi-civilization tomorrow, so here is my update.

Hey love, hope you enjoy the tour. These photos are a few days old and things are already so different. Without further ado, here is our garden.

I think these are called "Stargazer" lilies but I can't quite remember. They have a lot more of the purple than I expected but I quite like them.

It looks like I used a flash but it's just 
because the evening light was strong.

Tomatoes. Better if you click images for larger.

Plum tomatoes. 

We have a pepper, finally! 
Actually the little one you can just
make out is about 2-3 inches now.

The little corn patch. 
Umm, it's a little sad.


I'm afraid the swiss chard has completely succumbed to the earwigs, so I won't show any photos of that. Also, I plan to harvest some beets tomorrow so next time you're in town I'll have pics of those. Yum!  I love you. Take care of yourself.

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