Monday, July 26, 2010

I Picked a Bean...(& quick photo update)

I picked a bean and then threw it across the yard. It was the first bean I've picked...guess what made me throw it away. Yep, an earwig had burrowed into it and when I picked it, the ugly thing scurried into the hole, leaving just it's butt sticking out. Aaargh!

Ok, so I told my husband I would post some more pics while he is somewhere that approximates civilization. So I'll get to it.

The first of the large tomatoes are starting to ripen

A plate of cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and basil. 
The cucumbers are amazing. I picked another 5 tonight.

The salad I made with my plate of goodness.

And now, what you've been waiting for! These ground cherries were grown from seed that we saved and that sat in a glass on our window sill all winter.

Overview of bushes.

Close up of the second-largest bush.
You see all those "lanterns"? We are going
to have a lot of ground cherries!

Part of the largest bush.

I got another good haul of earwigs. This is a new picture and I counted 128!

The numbers are in red.

At least someone is relaxing around here!

Oh, and there is definitely a skunk around tonight. Good times ;)


Laura said...

Nice haul from your garden! The cukes look tasty - you can have the tomatoes... :-)

I can't believe you numbered the amount of earwigs - that is hilarious! Wasn't it creepy looking at the picture that long?

Jason said...

Hahaha ! The image of you throwing a bean across the yard made me laugh out loud...very much something Melissa would do if she werre confronted with a creepy crawly that she didn't like.

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

I was going to say I would have thrown the bean too - but I probably would have been screaming as well. But I see Jason already let you know that!

RuckusButt said...

Melissa - I couldn't catch enough breath to scream. Anyone listening would have heard a sharp intake of breath followed by "Oh F*#@" and a wimper.

Laura - I am now somewhat obsessed with counting them. But only when I get a big catch, lol. Perfectly normal. It's totally creepy looking at the picture that long but it is like therapy since the buggers killed themselves. Or so I hope.

Thanks for the garden compliments. I love those cukes - they are called Calypso and they are a pickle variety that are also tasty for eating. Also big producers, it seems!

Once Upon an Equine said...

Where is my mind? I thought this was going to be a post about sheath cleaning when I first glanced at the title. But the earwigs are just as nasty. Ewwwwww! I didn't know they were so fond of vegetables.

Your garden is beautiful and you are an artist at food presentation.

RuckusButt said...

Aha ha ha!! Once Upon, that is too funny!

I don't think earwigs are generally a huge problem for vegetables...unless you have an over-population of them.

Thank you for your kind words. I get a lot of pleasure from making a beautiful plate.