Friday, December 31, 2010

The term "fun show" is an oxymoron.

Or maybe I'm the moron. I'm riding Brumby in a fun show on Sunday. Right now, it doesn't seem like much fun considering I didn't know about it until a week ago and was instructed encouraged to enter in the last couple days.  Since I didn't end up showing last summer, it has still been about 20 years since I rode in a horse show. And really, at 12 I had no concept of embarassing myself or worrying about what others thought.  That came at 13.  I'm doing it precicely because it scares the pants off me. I want the challenge of showing, and especially the goal-setting that comes with it. A good way to start the new year, right? So I need to get over myself and just do it. This show is the perfect (read: safe) start. But fun?? Ask me on Monday!

It is designed as a show-clinic with classes on the flat for various levels, a dressage test (training or level 1, you think I'd know!!!) and jumping at various levels (can't recall if there are different classes for hunters and jumpers or if it's all hunter-ish courses). Plus, the judge provides enhanced feedback for rider and horse development.  January in Ontario is typically cold, so horse and rider turnout won't be up to show quality -  no one will be bathing or braiding their horses and riders will dress for the weather (though it reached 7ºC/44ºF tomorrow and hovering around -2ºC/27ºF on Sunday, so it will be quite warm).

Apparently I'm doing one flat class, the dressage test, and the 2'6" over fences. All things I can handle without much fuss on most days. Except my hands seem to have lost their feel lately, bringing back the neck tucking, and I haven't jumped many full courses on him period and none for the last few months. All this with spectators. And cameras. And judging! Ugh...what have I done?

Well, it's a guarantee I'll learn something and that guarantees a successful day.

 I have some new lesson video from last week that I just started going through. Here's a short clip of our warm-up gymnastic. My coach progressively adds more elements and raises the height as we go. I haven't had a chance to trim some other segments yet.

I was very happy to get new video as it really helps me put together what I'm doing (and doing wrong) and what I need to work on. I'm still getting behind the motion sometimes over fences, like here. It's a shockingly powerful jump, even when the heights are low and I'm green to jumping so I don't have the timing and coordination put together yet. Still, we are much further along than last year.

Gymnastic warmup.

I hope everyone has a good time bringing in the New Year. I'm looking forward to reading your adventures in the year to come!


Anonymous said...

Have fun at the "fun" show! And a very happy New Year to you too!

Laura said...

hope the fun show has a bit of fun at least! We got invited, but I don't know if anyone is going. It should be good experience for you - like you mentioned...

Happy New Year to you and Mr. RuckusButt!

Jason said...

LOL at you ! Relax and have fun; it'll be right. And if it isn't, just pull your scarf up a little higher and pretend you're Billy the Kid ! :)

HorseOfCourse said...

You go and enjoy yourself - you are looking good on the video, RB!

Once Upon an Equine said...

Tee hee...I know what you mean. "Fun Show". "Play Day". It's still stressful...but it's the good kind of stress, right? And I bet at the end of the day you'll look back and say "That was fun!" ,Remember to breath...and do have fun! It sounds like a great show for practicing and enjoying. And you look good with Brumby! And what a great way to start the new year. Happy New Year.

RuckusButt said...

Thanks for the support guys! Happy New Year!

I know I just need to get some of this kind of stuff under my belt so that it's not such a big unknown to me. I'm sure you are all correct that I will look back and think it was a blast.

Laura, too bad you weren't going to come, it would be nice to see another friendly face.

Once Upon, I'm hoping it will be the good kind of stress. I simply don't know.'re right! For something so automatic it's amazing how we can forget to do it!