Saturday, January 1, 2011

The tack box was packed by the front door with care...

So, I'm almost all ready for tomorrow. I just need to make a couple sandwiches/wraps and prepare my water & gatorade bottles and a thermos for tea. The food planning has been the hardest part for me, oddly enough. I have a tendency to have sugar crashes under certain circumstances such as: physical activity, stress, more than 3 hours without eating, and sometimes for no real reason at all. I've had blood work done a number of times and it's always "textbook perfect" so I just need to make sure I'm always prepared. Especially since most of the time I do not feel hungry before a crash. Anyway, all that to say that I need to make sure I've got plenty of balanced, easy to eat food on hand for a day like tomorrow.

Here's what I'm brining to eat/drink:
3.5 litres cold fluids - 1L water, 2.5L weak gatorade
1 thermos of tea
2 wraps, one turkey, one ham. both with ample amounts of veggies
1 small container of leftover beef stroganoff (hey, I wanted something warm!)
Electrolite chews and energy bars - in case of emergency

Ha! You think it'll be enough?? No wonder I can't drop that excess 10lbs or so.

I have my clothes laid out and my bin of barn essentials ready to go. I sound like I'm getting ready for a real show :) Whatever, you always want to do your best!

My husband unfortunately can't accompany me because it's an all-day thing and we have a foster puppy right now. She's probably ready to stay the day by herself but she has had crazy diarrhea, so she needs to be monitored. Why, oh why, do I have to mention the quality of canine poop so much? My husband asks this regularly, lol. What can I say, poop is the window to animal health.

Anyway, wish me luck!

(By the way, I am very disappointed that no one commented on my super-awesome do-it-yourself bit warmer post. Ok, so it could have been more instructive, but come on! I freakin' did something with the sewing machine! And it was useful in the horseworld!)


Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Hope you're having a fun time at the fun show right now, full report expected!!

Laura said...

Hope the show went well - sounds like you were well-prepared! Like Melissa mentioned, we will need a full report... :-)

I totally missed the post about the bit warmer! How cool that you made your own! Do you guys have a microwave in the barn to heat them? Our poor barn across the road doesn't have anything fancy like that... ;-p

RuckusButt said...

Thanks Melissa - full report coming soon!

Laura - yes, we do have a microwave. Two, actually since I donated one that I wasn't using and couldn't find anyone that wanted it. I made a bit-warmer for my boss for Christmas and she warms hers up at home, wraps the bit, drives to the barn, grooms etc and the bit is still warm. But then you'd have to have your bridle at home...

HorseOfCourse said...

So how was it?

And I was very impressed by your bit warmer!
I don't sew anything unless it is a major catastrophy, so I am using warm water!