Saturday, January 8, 2011

Leftover Turkey and Too Much Squash?

I was spoiled with a wonderful 2-course meal last night before I went out to the barn. My husband said he "threw something together" to use up some of the turkey we had frozen after Christmas dinner and some of the squash, which we have tons of right now.

First course was a simple, yet delicious, turkey soup. You just can't beat homemade stock! Then he brought out the second course. He had made pasta from scratch, from which he made large rolls stuffed with a mixture of cooked squash, swiss chard, ricotta cheese, onion and herbs. These were then sliced cross-wise and served with homemade tomato sauce, a few extra slices of turkey, and topped with a dollop of ricotta. YUM!

He wasn't too happy with the pasta since it was pretty thick but I can tell you I was pretty happy with the pasta :)  I knew what he meant though and encouraged him to refine his technique!

We were out and about with my mom this morning and invited her to our place for some lunch. I said we had some leftovers we could have.

She thought I was showing off when I brought this out.

They were our leftovers though!  Ok, so it's not what people typically think of when they hear the word 'leftovers'.   My mom is no slouch in the kitchen but we seem to do a good job impressing her with our creations. Ah, it's good to have a husband that loves cooking and eating good food as much as I do.


Once Upon an Equine said...

That looks yummy! I love a man that cooks. My husband cooks more than I do. He can come home a whip something up for dinner while I'm still trying to pick a recipe to follow.

HorseOfCourse said...

Ah, that looks delicious!

I wish I had a cooking husband...he does cook, but stays with very basic stuff. Must be lovely to have a treat of a dinner like that!

Laura said...

That sounds delicious! My hubby tries to cook, but can't really do much beyond the basics... What a treat to have a dinner like that (that you didn't have to cook yourself!)

Oh - I've been meaning to ask you - would you be willing to share your source for farm-raised chickens/turkeys? I've been meaning to buy some "real" meat for a while, but haven't done much looking around...