Monday, October 3, 2011

One thing lead to another and - Per Meisner clinic tomorrow!

Somehow on Saturday, while watching and helping out with day one of Per Meisner holding a clinic at our barn, I got talked into riding tomorrow. Per comes at least once a year, so I figured I'd catch the next round. But there was a cancellation and some encouragement plus I really, really, wanted to do it so...I'm up tomorrow at 3:00.

Per is a Danish riding master who rides and trains at the grand prix level. He also ran (runs?) a stud farm, and is a former coach of the Danish Paralympic Dressage team when they placed 4th at the  Paralympics under his coaching.

This is the first clinic I will ride in myself and I am so excited. Ok, a little nervous too! But one of the first things I heard out of Per's mouth was how he doesn't believe there are any mistakes in riding, only opportunities to learn. I bet that sounds familiar to many of you, especially Kate, as I just read those words in a Mark Rashid book I picked up (Whole Heart, Whole Horse -  a cheesy title but so far I'm enjoying the book). I figure any instructor with that philosophy is going to be a positive influence on a green horse, and me, so I can't go wrong.

Wish me luck!


Laura said...

Very cool! I'm sure you will get some good advice out of the ride! Tell us how it goes!

Jason said...

Good luck RB !