Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Defending Horses by the Numbers

Last night, Alex was bugging me (again!) about how much time I spend at the barn. So I made a spreadsheet :-D Sometimes it's good to be a stats geek! Everything is calculated to November 24th, the day he returns from his next trip.

Since Alex has been back from the field (Aug 28):

- I have spent the equivalent of 7.5 full days at the barn (assuming 5 days/week and 4 hrs per round trip)
- He will have been away 12 days, in 2 blocks of 6 consecutive days (which is clearly more of a "loss" than my 4hr chunks, lol)

The kicker? Out of the 327 days between Jan 1 and Nov 24, he will have been away 104 of them, or approximately 32% of the time.

I showed him the spreadsheet. He asked if he could pay for half my saddle ;-)


Laura said...

heh heh - gotta love the stats! I like his offer to pay for half of the saddle - smart guy! :-)

PS - I just responded to your comment on my blog and encouraged you to post soon and come over here and voilĂ ! Your post is here!

PPS (I obviously need to get out of my cube more.)

RuckusButt said...

Your wish is my command, lol!

Is your PPS a hint? Cause I have follow-up questions for you ;)

Jason said...

I could get myself in a heap of trouble if I started wheeling out spreadsheets, but likely not as much as if Melissa started wheeling them out. :)

Becky said...

I think I <3 you. BRILLIANT.