Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Harvest Continues!

It's hard to believe but we are still getting some fresh produce from the garden.

I wisely planted kale this year, knowing it was tolerant of cold temperatures. We now have several vacuum-sealed bags of it for use in winter soups and stews. We have been harvesting a mix of just leaves and full plants but as the fall progressed we began taking whole plants. We left enough "just in case" plants and I'm glad we did.

 It has been a mild fall, so that decision was a good one. Still, I never expected that we would still be going out and harvesting it in December. Once it got colder, the kale slowed growth but did continue to grow a bit and stayed otherwise perfect.
Ice-capped kale.

In the last week, the remaining plants have started to droop more but the leaves themselves are firm and vigourous.

It's great...athough it does seem very strange to me.

We also have some baby garlic peeking out of one of my raised beds. Guess we'll see what that looks like in the spring! I don't know why but I've only been marginally sucessful with growing garlic.


Jason said...

Kale is an amazing plant ! I have picked kale in central Ontario as late as January in years when it never snowed much in December. We used to leave carrots and rutabagas in the ground until just before freeze up when I was a kid and then we'd dig them and transfer them to piles of sand in the basement.

RuckusButt said...

Ok, perhaps it would have been more impressive to inform you that we just finished the last garden tomato and peppers just the week before last :)

It's great to have produce, especially greens, that work so well in our climate so late in the year!

Jason said...

It's pretty impressive that ANYTHING is growing and edible in Eastern Ontario in December ! I am super impressed with the tomato and pepper though. Most years it would be a struggle to keep a tomato plant alive in November here in Tennessee.

RuckusButt said...

I have a very dedicated husband :)

Golden the Pony Girl said...

wow that is awesome! My rosemary is still alive! I find that amazing for Winnipeg.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! That's amazing. Our garden has been covered up by snow for the past 30 days, and we live in New Mexico!

Enjoy those yummy fresh greens!folhousc