Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Here, Piggy, Piggy.

We went to pick up our local order of pork today. As usual, I enjoyed my time talking with the farmers about the year they've had, which was exceptionally difficult due to an 8+ week drought. We joked how it made last years drought look like nothin'. It didn't help that we had a low-precipitation winter and spring, so the water table was lower to begin with.

The highlight of my trip is always getting to see the animals enjoying themselves. This group was especially curious and hung around us a lot. Pigs don't get enough credit, they are really quite inquisitive and clean. I imagine the pig mega-farms smell, but no more than any other mega-farm. On this farm, I can smell animals and that those animals are not horses but it certainly isn't negative. I also have to get close to the pigs before I notice anything at all. Honestly, I find the smell no different than the smell between different horses. I have come to learn this well in the last year or so how different horses smell and would say it's just like that.

Some pictures from our visit.

I wanted to take him home as a pet.

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Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

Gosh I would take that spotted pig home as a pet too!