Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Trying Horses.

I have been busy reading ads, sending emails, drumming up some word of mouth, for what seems like a long time now. It hasn't really been all that long but I have ridden quite a few horses, at least by my standards. Some moments through this process have been fun and also a learning experience. But let's face it, trying horses can be trying!

First of all, it's time consuming. And a lot of that time spent doesn't even result in going to see a horse, which is a mixed blessing because at least you haven't wasted more time by going to see something not suitable. Then it's frustrating because so many of the horses are outrageously priced. It would be one thing if most of these horses were actually quality enough for the asking price but they just aren't, in my opinion. I don't know, I must live in an alternate, cheaper, universe ;-) It was actually somewhat depressing as I got yet more emails stating asking prices of 32k, 56k, etc. It made me feel like a horrible potential horse mom for not being able to afford a horse that expensive.

Then I gave myself an imaginary kick in the ass. It's not as though I was contacting people with GP jumpers for crying out loud!

One of the horses I enjoyed the most was a thoroughbred who had shown hunters (schooling) but has been playing polo the last 2 years. He wasn't fancy and was a little stiff but had a very comfortable canter and a cute jump.

Last weekend, I had decided to go ahead and make an offer on the 3 year old Apiro gelding. He was the best of the lot and within my budget. I wasn't super happy with his price because of how green he is but he was very willing, learned well, and was quite fancy.

You can see how I'd be tempted...these are stills from some video my husband took of my ride. He had been under saddle for about 2 weeks at the time.

He is so, so cute!

But I had reservations too, just because there is so much unknown about a horse that age. Could I keep him on outdoor board, as is my plan? Would he be an easy or hard keeper? Would his easy-going nature change as he got older?  My experience with Willy had me concerned about preserving my horse-life balance and, most of all, finding a healthy horse!

Speaking of Willy, he is doing ok. Just out being a horse. I have kept away for the most part, mostly for my recovery but also I figure he would get used to the new routine faster. I do go out and check on him and he usually leaves the group when he sees me coming and follows me to the gate when I go to leave. It makes me feel warm with love for him and sad at the same time.

Beautiful Willy.

I digress. Sunday, I had another horse scheduled to try. This one was over my budget but when I told the owner what my budget was she said I should come out and try him and we'd talk from there. I figured she would lower her price but still have it higher than I wanted to go but I went anyway.

Wow. There wasn't a single thing I didn't like about this horse! Well, except maybe that he's grey, lol. I have to go to bed but will give more details tomorrow. My coach is coming out to try him, so I will know more then anyway. I will just say that I have not been able to sleep the last two nights because I am so excited to make this guy mine. I hope it all checks out!

Ok, I haven't jumped in forever, so 3' looked big. Honestly, it felt effortless for him.

More soon!


Laura said...

I've got my fingers and toes crossed that the grey works out! The price ranges for the hunters are kinda crazy - not sure what people are thinking...

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

I hope it works out!!