Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Horse Show Prep List.

The first horse show of my adult life is next weekend and I am pretty nervous. I'm not really nervous about our performance because I have low expectations given how green I am to the show ring and how green Armani is to pretty much everything.
First jump school on grass, second ever outside!
I will post some video eventually. Maybe.

What worries me is logistics. All the planning that I've never done. When I showed as a kid, I just basically showed up. Not in a diva sense (I hope) but I just don't have any memory of the preparation other than practicing with my horse. I am heading into this show knowing we haven't practiced enough (only 2 jump schools outside in his whole life and the first two for me in about a year), so this show is really just more practice. But I still need to have everything else sorted out, so I'm trying to anticipate my needs; therefore, I'm starting my lists!

To Buy:
- Quick braid product
- Tuff Stuff
- 1 new med/soft brush
- Grooming tote
- Bathing mitt
- water bucket
- Show sheen

Just when you think you have everything you need! I didn't know about quick braid products before - I was taught using human hairspray but knowing how drying that can be, I think I will try a braiding product. Tuff stuff for some natural polish (I don't have any because Mani's feet are awesome and I haven't used anything on them to date, except for some regular Fiebing's before clinics. Tuff Stuff dries better and my trimmer says it isn't as drying as other shine products.

One thing my off-property school made clear was that I needed something better for grooming supplies on show day. The plastic caddies just aren't portable. I want a bathing mitt because they make bathing more effective than just a sponge and show sheen for some extra shine (he doesn't really need it but I feel like I have to). The water bucket is because the only one I have has been used for cleaning (abscess soaking, bathing etc.) so I don't want to use it for drinking.

To Do:
- see shopping list
- Wash half-pad
- Shave Mani's legs (I started this but it's a post on it's own)
- Clean: horse boots, saddle, bridle, martingale, my boots, helmet, show gloves.
- Plan food (very important considerations to me!)

Show Day
To Bring:
- Sheepskin half-pad
- Bridle
- Standing martingale
- Jump boots
- Helmet
- Gloves
- Tall boots
- Sun Hat
- Water bucket

Grooming tote:
- Soft and medium brushes
- hoof pick
- mane/tail comb
- mane/tail spray
- fly spray
- leather cleaner & conditioner
- 3 damp cloths: 1 boots/tack, 1 Armani (nose, eyes etc), 1 extra)
- 1dry microfibre cloth
- scissors
- extra yarn, quick braid
- treats

Am I missing anything? I still need to do my food/refreshment list - arguably the most important one!  Eeeek, it sucks being a newbie!!


Laura said...

looks like a good start to your lists! I hear you on the nerves! I still have 3 weeks, but the logistics are freaking me out too!!!!


ok - so what about:

lip balm
small first aid kit?
safety pins? (for numbers) or does your saddle pad have a little pocket? Or do you use string to tie it on your jacket? Argh!
lint brush for your jacket?
lunge line?
hay bag?
spare reins? (I'm starting to panic! lol)
OEF card/insurance?
small mirror to check your hair?
ativan or valium? (haha - I would be all dopey if I took something like that...)

Laura said...
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Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

I went to a multi-day out of town horse show one time and forgot my tall boots! It was the last show of the season and I had gone to a dozen big A shows that year so I had no excuse, it wasn't like I hadn't packed for an out of town horse show multiple times that year! I set them by the door to take them and still forgot them. So I got to buy a new pair of boots at the horse show! Good luck and have fun! Your lists look good, and Laura had some good additions. :)

RuckusButt said...

Great suggestions Laura! I certainly have no intention of forgetting sunscreen but at thins point if they aren't on the list it's in danger of being forgotten.

In addition to sunscreen, I especially like the the suggestions for lip balm, lint brush, and lunge line. I don't intend to lunge but it will be useful just in case of any number of circumstances. A mirror is also a great idea...and also maybe a bad one, lol.

I put my OEF and EC in my wallet last week (prob should have been there already!). Hay bag will be in the trailer if needed. Spare reins would be a good idea but the reins that go with my bridle were $100 so I will focus on proactive breakage prevention :-)

RuckusButt said...

Melissa, sounds like you were the opposite - so comfortable with the process you forgot, rather than so unfamiliar with it! I *do* need a new pair of show boots and wouldn't complain about "having" to buy a new pair, lol.