Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The "Garden"

Some pics of our little balcony garden. It's not much, but it keeps us in lettuce and herbs very well.

Contents are:
one heirloom tomato plant - very finiky, my first time growing an heirloom variety which has no genetic protection against common tomato problems. So far, I have had to manage early blight and blossom drop. I've always been a fan of careful bio-genetics! Oh, it is also my first time growing in an upside-down tomato grower (topsy-turvy). So far so good as far as that goes, but it IS weird.
Lemon Thyme - smells sooo good and tastes like a dream. It's a bit pervasive and has spread like crazy which prompted us to take some cuttings and plant them in the front garden (which technically isn't ours but currently is growing my geraniums and thyme).
Oregano - lush and yummy.
Basil (reg.)- doing great, satisfying my love for pesto.
Bush Basil - tastes like regular basil, but grows in these bushy balls with the teeniest little leaves that are super cute.
Arugula (aka Rocket) - growing this from organic seed and it is amazingly good and spicy
Lettuces - both green and red oak leaf lettuce, plus some kind of leaf lettuce that is something like a greener version of iceburg.
Beets - grown from organic beets bought at the market. Currently just being allowed to go crazy.

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