Sunday, July 6, 2008


We spent Saturday and Sunday at the cottage and it was fantastic! We did some work that C & G have been unable to do (vacuuming, mowing etc), but mostly swam, snorkeled and relaxed. We really needed a weekend like this. I haven't felt so good in ages.

Well, I did feel good, until I saw my husband getting the brick oven/grill ready for cooking our dinner, that is.

Hazel aka "the littlest hobo". She has no idea we are watching in this picture, she is just exploring on her own. I swear this dog is so independent, as long as she's outside, she will occupy herself.

Some kind of mushroom. Of the belladonna family, we think.

A little snake friend. There was a skink running around too, but it was too fast to get a picture. Both were gorgeous and made my day.

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