Monday, April 6, 2009

Edgar's Third Ride.

Against my better judgment, I am posting a video of me riding Edgar. Sasha came up with me last weekend and I put him to work grooming Edgar's grandma. I asked if he would take a couple photos of the ride and the brat took some video too!

It was a very windy day, the ground was wet and it was cold. Edgar was full of himself!! You can hear the wind in the video; did I mention it was really bad? This is the beginning of our ride; he is calling out to the other horses and fighting me the whole time. He either wants to grow roots or bolt (which he did a bit last week). Even Cherokee never tried to bolt with me! (blogged about in this post and this one).

Anyway, I am glad to say he settled down after 30 minutes or so. In a way it was good that it was a spooky, windy day because it gave me a chance to ride him in that type of weather. It was good for him and was great for me because I was not alone for a change!

So, enjoy! Be nice. My only defense will be to point out that I was wearing a fluffy down vest under my fleece jacket, so not only do I look pudgy but my posture looks rounder than normal.


HorseOfCourse said...

I think you are doing a great job, Ruckusbutt!
It looks good, in spite of wind and a very lonely horse (in his own opinion)

I've found out one thing about Fjords; you just have to be more persistent than they are, then it works out fine.
And if you feel for using it in the training, they are VERY food motivated. Just a hint.
Good luck!

RuckusButt said...

Hee hee, I wasn't sure if the sound would come through clearly but yeah, obviously I was torturing him!

Thanks for your comments, I was feeling a little self-conscious putting that up :) I know exactly what you mean about persistence!

Since reading your blog, I am thinking about trying to use food in training. It's just like when I train dogs, really. I think I would incorporate a clicker to help with the delay in treat giving issue. Have you ever used a clicker? I am still thinking about when/where I might use this approach, I'm undecided right now.

For the time being, I am just trying to get him used to going out and working a little. He is WAY out of shape. Sometimes I wonder if I am crazy to be doing this for someone I just met!

HorseOfCourse said...

No, I haven't tried with a clicker.
I don't even know what a clicker looks like!
I am no expert on this, I just had to try something because I had a rowdy 3 yo which I had to handle in traffic. That was how it started.
But I believe it is easiest to use the voice if you are to use treats as a reinforcement when you ride.

And re. Edgar; is it no one except you who rides him? It will be difficult to get much progress then depending on how many days you have available for riding...

Once Upon an Equine said...

Thank you for sharing your ride. Edgar looks like a strong, willful fellow (oh yeah, he's a Fjord) and spunky in that wind, but you got his attention and did great. I look forward to his progress.

RuckusButt said...

Thanks HOC and OnceUpon! Yes, I am the only one who is riding him. He hasn't been ridden since last summer/fall by anyone, although he was in training last summer. His owner cannot handle him and needs help. He is only 5.

I know a lot of people would laugh at me for doing this. It's the same situation with the other horse, Cherokee. Owner is afraid, horse does not get worked, problem is compounded. Somehow, I keep finding these creatures and I am compelled to give them a future by making them ride-able. Otherwise, I don't know what their lives will be like. This is where I can help, you see. I will not turn them into champions. HOC, you are absolutely right, progress will be slow. But, there WILL be progress.

I am a good rider. I will NOT stop taking weekly lessons for anything. I have something to give here. Nope, not ideal. But it's better than they had. Thoughts?

HOC - yeah, using voice makes more sense to precede the treat. I'd love to hear more about using it with respect to traffic training. I have a mind to take Ed down the road one day...