Sunday, July 5, 2009

It's like this...

My life is currently a bit of a mess....

This means that, although I want to, I haven't had much time or opportunity to blog. I received an award from Horse of Course but it comes with some things to do. I am about half-way done that post but I decided it was getting to be too long before posting my "acceptance" and therefore possibly rude(?), so I thought I'd explain.

It's a simple explanation - I'm moving in two weeks. That is a lot of time, I know. My husband has "issues" with moving; partially thanks to me :) After defending my Masters thesis, I had less than two days to pack, move out and drive 5.5 hrs away. It was nuts, most of the stuff was not coming with me but needed to be out of the apartment, so it was either sold or put at the curb for free. Someone actually had a yard sale with everything I ended up not having time to sell :-/ In any case, it was not fun and Sasha is traumatized a little. So, we are trying to make this move organized and NOT last minute. Also, I have relatives from Italy visiting and we entertained them on Canada Day (July 1), so all the packing has commenced since then. It is a lot of work!

Tonka is having fun with
all the boxes around.
Hazel does not really understand
what all the fuss is about.

I'll leave you with a video I was going to save for later. I have a post I wanted to do on our recent brief holiday at the cottage, but this should make you smile in the meantime.

Hazel is digging under a dead tree that finally came down over the winter. Let's just say it's a good thing we're on a lake!

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HorseOfCourse said...

What is it they say in Australia? No sweat?
Take your time. It doesn't go anywhere.
I am sure that with so good help by your two four-legged ones, things will go very easy. Especially cats like very much to "help" with boxes and things strewn all just have to watch out so Tonka doesn't get packed in a box unadvertedly, lol!