Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hazel and the Squirrel

I love my dog. She is a real dog's dog and I've always tried to support her doggyness from lots of good quality exercise to chewing good bones to fostering her hound desire to "hunt" other animals. Though I'm sure she would fail as an actual hunting dog, she loves to track and chase.

So it was odd when we slowly started to notice that she would happily sleep on the deck while squirrels, and even bunnies, came into the yard. Sometimes, while stalking a squirrel on a walk, she gets "sticky" or freezes in place. She is so zoned in and yet she won't go for it until the animal notices her and starts to run away. Still, I was surprised when she started doing the same thing in her own yard.

She will watch the animal intently, seemingly forever, without making a move.

That is, until she realizes that one of us is watching.

Today, I caught it on tape. She will sit there watching forever, but the second I touch the door knob and make it sound like I'm coming out? Well, watch for yourself!

You just gotta love my little under-achiever ;)


Jason said...

Hahaha !! You have to know there is a Far Side cartoon with Hazel's name on it somewhere out there ! Too funny ! :)

Laura said...

That is so funny!!

HorseOfCourse said...

I just love her!
Seems as if curiousity takes over? Maybe a sense of power, to be able to watch and know that any moment I can chase them off? And be a good girl?

RuckusButt said...

I've thought about this and I think it actually makes sense if you think of what she's bred for.

Plott hounds are meant to bring game to bay or tree. Hazel specializes in treeing animals and will climb them herself (too high for my comfort!) when she feels compelled to do so.

If the "hunted" animal is in plain sight, her job is done. In fact, she's probably wondering why her humans aren't doing their part! If I were a hunter trying to shoot something, I certainly wouldn't want my dog in the way. Another reason for the dog to hang back when the prey is in plain sight.

Once again, the animal is smarter than their human ;)