Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gettin' my "game face" on.

I've decided my first show will be next weekend, July 17. I am feeling pretty good about the riding part but I'm a little overwhelmed with the other details. Silly, right? I hope that once I get a few under my belt it won't seem like such a mystery to me. There are so many details - setting up my online account so I can register, organizing trailering, getting my clothes etc ready, making arrangements for Hazel (dogs are not allowed at this show at all, boo!), then getting Gumby ready (his owner is helping, yay!). I'm so glad I decided not to do the one this weekend - it's just too nuts. And work is pretty much madness at this point. My tiny area needs at least 2 more researchers. Or, you know, support staff so that us researchers aren't also doing all the admin work! But I digress...

SO yes, the riding. I haven't been this happy with my progress or Brumby's progress in a very long time. It really is all coming together. Are our rounds flawless? Not by a long shot. But they are solid and if any of my recent courses had been in a show, I wouldn't be embarassed by them. I'd say our biggest "things" are that he loses that nice hunter rhythm when jumping the line next to the tree line boogey-men by getting a touch fast. But we still get the striding nicely and, more importantly, he comes back to me! That alone puts a smile on my face. The other issue is the right lead change. If I am able to think ahead enough, we usually get it on the landing. But if we don't get it on landing, he often has to buck to get it. We've made lots of progress on getting smooth changes to the right but it's still a bit of a wild card.

There is one more thing I'd like to change...my "game face." Literally. I have the worst jumping faces!! Before my husband left, he came to the barn with me a couple times and took some photos and video. I haven't been quite brave enough to share either on the blog but tonight I decided what the heck, I'll share one photo.

Go ahead, laugh it up ;-)
Honestly, how do I fix that face?? Yes, I know my shoulders are too rounded - but that I can work on. My facial expressions, however, seem to just happen. I think Brumby has good form and my contact is nice. It's like all the tension I could have elsewhere, I've forced into my face, lol. I'd like some pretty show pictures (well, as pretty as they can be with me in them)...any suggestions for relaxing my expression a little?


Jason said...

There's nothing wrong with your face at all ! You look like you're concentrating on the jump at hand and that's probably a good thing, given what could happen if you *weren't* concentrating on it !

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

I have to agree with Jason, I think your game face is fine and you have a pretty "typical" expression for going over a fence.