Saturday, July 2, 2011

Catching Up.

Ok, so I'm a day late in posting this...

Happy Canada Day everyone! I am not out partying, or joining the over 300,000 at Parliament hill to see Will & Kate or the fireworks. In fact, fireworks are a large part of why I'm home. Not that I would have wanted to go downtown, but I might have done something. After last year's earthquake and Canada Day one week later, Hazel has been terrified of fireworks, storms, and loud popping noises of any kind.

Tonight, we are hanging out together, testing out her new thundershirt.

I'm finding that it's working pretty well. It doesn't completely take away her dislike for the noise but does seem to help her deal with her anxiety. During the worst of it, she wasn't panting or moving from room to room or stuck to my side, like usual. She did shake a little bit but she would take a deep breath once in awhile and calm down. It seems to help her deal with the anxiety herself, which is great because I certainly can't help her.

Life in the last week or so has been a little upside down. Alex left a week and a half ago, so I've been adjusting to the summer routine. I hate the summer routine! I hate missing my husband and being lonely on top of all the regular household responsibilities, which of course are multiplied in the summer.

I am happy to report that I got my laptop back a couple days ago which will mean I can post more readily. I have a desktop but don't particularly like sitting in my home office, so I've only been on the computer briefly each day. Come to think of it, that was probably a good thing!


Anonymous said...

Our p.m. barn lady has a dog who wears a thundershirt too, and it has made a big difference to her. I find the fireworks here around the 4th to be a big nuisance - scares some of the horses and some dogs too.

Jason said...

Hazel's reactions in her Thundershirt mirror Bush's...our Tennessee Redbone Coonhound. Maybe we should introduce them, both being noise sensitive hound dogs and all ! :)

Happy Canada Day ! Good to see you posting again !

Once Upon an Equine said...

First I've heard of the thundershirt. I just Googled it and watched the video. How interesting! My Sadie dog could use one of those. Bella wasn't afraid of thunder when we first got her, but she follows Sadie's example now. Last T-storm, my husband said both dogs stuffed themselves under his desk at his feet while he was working.

Happy Belated Canada Day to you. I won't be out watching 4th of July fireworks tonight either. We are on a fire ban in our area, so I'm hoping the neighbors don't shoot fireworks either.

RuckusButt said...

I agree Kate, they are a nuisance! It's one thing to have them downtown or in a few select parks throughout the city but allowing them anywhere isn't fair, in my opinion. I remember the day when you couldn't just buy them as an individual...and that wasn't so long ago!

Hey Jason - if Hazel were to visit your farm, she'd never want to come home. Neither would I, for that matter! Sometimes I wonder if it's my fault for living a reasonably quiet life but I wouldn't have it any other way and I don't think Hazel would either (as long as she gets her exercise!).I imagine Coonhounds and Plott Hounds have a lot in common...beyond the unfortunate noise sensitivity.

Once Upon, it's so hard to see them so scared, isn't it? I think the thundershirt is a really great option, certainly worth a try and it's not overly expensive, especially if you're in the States, I think, because the shipping wouldn't be as much. Also, they have a guarantee, so if your dog is one that doesn't respond there is no loss.