Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Horse Rules.

Rule #1 – The horse will lose shoes.

1.a. The horse will lose a shoe immediately following the most expensive resets.

1.b. The horse will lose a shoe any time it is: too wet, or, too dry. Perfect footing isn’t great either as that leads to wanton galloping around the field.

1.c. The horse will lose a shoe when he is: underworked and therefore playful in turnout, worked regularly and therefore wears them faster (?) or gets lazy with his feet, or overworked and…I don’t know, the horse does not get overworked.

1.d. The horse will most definitely lose a shoe the week before any major show, clinic, or event.

We exeprienced 1d today. We were very fortunate that the barn's regular farrier (who is not the farrier we use) was able to reset it today. Now, let's hope it stays on until Sunday! Sometimes I understand why people practically bubble-wrap their show-horses!

Bubbled Brumby
Note: Although I have posted some "sketches" in the past, I have been reading old posts from the Hyperbole and a Half blog lately and do not want to seem like I am ripping off Allie's idea. She is WAY better and WAY funnier, so I doubt my stuff would be taken seriously as a rip off...but I still wanted to acknowledge the goddess of paint art. Nobody like likes a copycat, least of all me (and this issue is actually coming up in my real life!) However, my examples are limited to some garden cartoons last year, which was well before I read Allie's hyerbole, and my boogey men. It's just fun to do and I'm bored and lonely. Bubble horse made me giggle.


Jason said...

You need to actually put him in a bubble, like the Bubble Boy Seinfeld episode ! :)

RuckusButt said...

Good idea! Especially since he only has 3 legs and that right hock is looking awfully swollen ;)

Laura said...

Your rules are very accurate... horses and shoes are such a pain.

Hopefully the shoe manages to stay on until the show!

I like your bubble wrap horse - although that right hock is not looking so good! lol